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Operation Parent is different from a lot of other non-profits. Instead of solely focusing on donation and grants, they are able to generate revenue through the sales of a unique product. The sales from their parent handbooks are responsible for over 95% of their annual revenue.

In October of 2021, our team was referred to Operation Parent to help them design and develop a new website along with a branding refresh. We quickly realized the potential impact and success that Operation Parent was uniquely positioned to achieve, and we began to work with their organization to help them completely transform their marketing and sales efforts.

What started as a simple website design and branding project turned into a complete sales and marketing strategy overhaul. While working along side of the amazing team at Operation Parent, we were able to help them achieve record sales and growth over the following year.

In 2021 Operation Parent's total revenues were $286k. At the close of 2022, approximately 13 months after working with Harvest, they closed the year at $900k in revenue and have already sold more handbooks as of August 2023 than the entire previous year.

Project Summary

Learn how operation parent went from a local non-profit to an internationally known parenting authority

“Partnering with Harvest Company is the best decision I ever made. They totally transformed our nonprofit organization from a small "grass roots" effort to a world class operation. The new web design plus marketing plans have provided us with the infrastructure we needed to expand our capacity, serve a global market, and fulfill our mission. I would highly recommend Harvest Company to anyone serious about taking their organization to the next level.”
Jean Schumm
founder & president


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After working with Operation Parent to refresh their branding and design a new website, they decided it was time to update their parent handbook to match the quality and feel of their new look.

We worked closely with the team at Operation Parent to design a new line up of parent handbooks that were the perfect blend of great looks and easy-to-read layout. Their new website, handbook design, and updated marketing strategy helped give the team at OP the tools needed to take their organization to the next level. In the first 12 months after first working with Harvest, OP experienced a 300% increase in revenue from the sale of their handbooks. The increase in revenues helped their leadership hire additional staff, buy a new building, and most importantly reach more parents with great life saving information.

Operation Parent is more than just a great client and success story. Harvest Company is a proud supporter and donor to the Operation Parents mission.





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