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The leadership of Mike Johns Imports first approached the team at Harvest to help them design a new website that would help them better communicate their services to their customer base. Their current site was built on an outdated WordPress theme which was no longer supported.

In addition to a new website, Mike Johns asked our team to review their existing ad campaigns to identify any areas with opportunities for improvement. After our review of their ads accounts, we identified several areas in both the technical setup and the ad creative that needed improvement.
We implemented new ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. We used a combination of updated messaging and copy along with compelling video advertisements.

The Result: In the first 2 months of working with Harvest, Mike Johns Import's gained 211 new appointments from less than $6,300 in ad spend resulting in over $315,000 in additional revenue for their shop.

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Learn how Mike Johns Imports achieved record growth in the first couple months after working with Harvest Company

Daniel and his team have changed the game for us and our business. For years we were passed over while business suffered. We simply could not communicate our mission and quality to our potential customers. We could have been so much further.  Now that we have the right team behind us our talent and convictions shine through to customers that value our ethic and professionalism. If you’re a good business don’t waste your time not telling the world.  Harvest Company can put you in front of the people that need you. It’s a great relationship and business just feels right when it all clicks.  Thanks guys for all you do.
Bryan Warman


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facebook / Instagram ads, Google Ads

Before moving their marketing management to Harvest, Mike Johns Imports had never received a single lead from their Facebook campaigns in the last 2 years.
We worked with their service team to develop a Facebook ad campaign that included three videos, each of which highlighted a different aspect of how Mike Johns offers amazing value to their customers.
After 10 weeks of running this campaign Mike Johns received 125 new appointments from a $3,249 ad spend or a cost per appointment of approximately $26. This campaign resulted in an estimated $188k additional revenue for the company or a ROAS of 57!
In addition to Facebook and Instagram ads, our Google ads management resulted in 86 additional appointments from a $3,038 ad spend or a cost per appointment of $35.33.
The additional revenue from both ad campaigns was over $315,000 with an average cost per appointment of less than $30.


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