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Ranking #1 on Google is hands down the best way to turn customers who are in buying or research mode to go to your website.

Not sure what SEO is?

SEO is simply the process of optimizing your website so that it can be found more easily on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

There are thousands of books and publications on the best practices, tips, tricks, and “SECRETS” to driving tons of top paying clients to your website, but the truth is that there is only a select group of Google engineers who have actual inside knowledge of the algorithms that determines which websites will hit the top page of Google and which ones are left out in no man’s land.

When you have access to millions of SEO data points (like us) you start to learn what works and what doesn't.

We can also help you troubleshoot your SEO issues as well as measure and track your progress as you move up in the Google rankings.SEO is the best way to get ready to buy customers flooding your website. When your customers find you on Google, it’s like a hypnotic call forcing them to click on your site.

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Don’t get left behind.

The Google algorithm is changing in 2023…again.

Google is continually updating their algorithm to ensure they are presenting users with the most relevant content possible, and needless to say, they're pretty good at what they do.

Over 83% of all internet searches begin on Google. This is because people more often get what they're looking for when searching on Google as opposed to other search engines.

By continually updating their algorithm, Google can stay on par with societal trends and ensure that those who are trying to manipulate the algorithm, using “black hat” (dishonest) SEO tactics have short lived successes.

In it's simplest form, the Google algorithm exists to give their visitors the best experience possible. The last few major algorithm updates were no exception to that rule.

SEO is becoming increasingly more important in 2023 than it has ever been. If you want even a small chance at capturing that coveted first page, you need to start implementing at least a basic SEO strategy right away.

If you are ready to get started, click the button below and schedule your free 30 min. SEO strategy session.

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Why is SEO important in 2023?

81% of people still research for products online before making a purchase. Making sure that your website is at the top of their search can significantly increase your chances of a sale.

Over 30% of people click on the business that shows up number one on search results. If you want to be found by your potential customers without shelling out for ad spend for the rest of your life, then you need to consider SEO.

How long does it take to rank?

This is probably the most common question we get about SEO. The truth is, it depends. The more competition there is, the more effort it will take to rank.

Before we put together an SEO strategy for your website, we complete a deep dive analysis of your competition to understand the vulnerabilities in their online search presence. Once we have a good understanding of your competition, we will take a path of least resistance approach while simultaneously focusing on a longer term strategy.

We have ranked websites on the first page of Google in as little as 3 months and we guarantee our results. We will hit our agreed upon targets or we will work for free until we get there.

I'm already running paid ads, do I really need SEO?

Look, we are big fans of paid ads. They are an easy way to get traffic when you need it most, but the truth is, organic traffic from SEO is cheaper (in the long run) and always converts better than paid ads. SEO is vital to a well rounded marketing plan and the sooner you start at least a simple SEO strategy the faster you can rank and reap the benefits.

How can I find keywords my customers are searching for?

There are a lot of great tools available online for finding the best keywords to rank for. The most valuable keywords to rank for are going to be those that are specific to your industry, have commercial or transactional intent, and have high volume. Unfortunately these types of keywords are typically the most competitive keywords to rank for and will require a rock solid SEO strategy and a lot of time and effort to make it on the first page.

Check out some of the online SEO tools and spend the time to learn how to be a keyword research guru or just book a call with us and let us give you a whole list of valuable keywords for FREE.

Skip days of researching and go straight to the finish line. Book a call and we will research your keywords for you and complete a website audit for you right on the call.

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