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your future is to create it.”
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You want big impressive headlines with copy that people can’t help but click because they are so intrigued or so afraid they may just miss the next best thing in their life.

Your business is doing awesome things, right? Don’t you offer something unique that people would be hard pressed to find anyplace else?
If you truly believe this, then let your customers know! Ad copy should create excitement while speaking directly to your customer's fears and desires. Sounds easy, right? Well sometimes the result looks a lot easier than the path to get there.

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if you want something new you have to stop doing something old.
peter drucker
“Partnering with Harvest Company is the best decision I ever made. They totally transformed our nonprofit organization from a small "grass roots" effort to a world class operation. The new web design plus marketing plans have provided us with the infrastructure we needed to expand our capacity, serve a global market, and fulfill our mission. I would highly recommend Harvest Company to anyone serious about taking their organization to the next level.”
Jean Schumm
founder & president

It All Starts with the copy.

ad copy and creative that's guaranteed to beat your competition and your best performing ads.

Successful ads include these 4 basic elements:

1. Attention - This is your Headline. Big and Bold. Grab your reader's attention by giving them something they have never seen before. At a minimum you should be different from your competitors.

2. Interest - Peak their interest. This doesn't happen by being boring or blending in.

3. Desire - Make your ad appeal to your ideal customer's most burning desire. Think about how you can make them feel better, faster, smarter, stronger, or part of an elite group who is in the know.

4. Action - Delivering a strong call to action is important, but there is something else that is almost as important. The motivation behind the call to action.

As an advertiser, you must position your CTA so that the reader is almost afraid to miss out on the opportunity you are proposing. And remember, always make sure your CTA is appropriate for your audience.

The ability to write compelling ad copy is one of the most important elements to your marketing strategy.

Once you truly understand what your business or organization can do to solve your customer’s problems, you can create headlines and long form ad copy that latches on to customer's attention and compels them to take action.

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how much do I need to spend on to get more leads?

Ads can be expensive and the price per click is constantly going up, but there is something you should understand. Google, Facebook, and all the other ad platforms don't set the cost per click; your competitors do. The more your competition is willing to spend, the higher your cost per click or impression will be. The best way to reduce your ad spend is to optimize your ad campaigns. Book a 30 min strategy session and we will perform a complete analysis of your current ad strategy and give you a plan to increase your return on ad spend.

Do you guarantee the performance of your ads?

If you are currently running Facebook, Instagram, or Google ads, we guarantee that our ad campaigns will beat your best performing ads or you get a full refund of our management fees. There are a few requirements for this offer. First, you must be currently running ads and capturing your data. Second, we must be allowed to write 100% of the copy and design the creative. You will always have the opportunity to approve all ads before we publish them, but we must have complete freedom to write and design the campaign.

Is running paid Ads better than investing in SEO?

Paid ads are an easy way to get traffic to your website when you need it most, however, organic traffic from SEO is usually more cost effective over time and converts better than paid ads. This doesn't mean that paid ads are not a great addition to your marketing plan. The strategy for how much effort you should put into one traffic source over the other will depend entirely on your needs and goals. If you want to learn how SEO and paid ads can help your business or organization, contact us today or schedule a 30 min strategy call with our team.

How can I find keywords my customers are searching for?

Google Ads can help you get traffic for specific words or phrases that you may not organically rank for on Google. Google Ads can also help you track more closely which keywords convert into a sale better than others. This data can actually help you to strengthen your overall SEO strategy. In short, Google Ads can be equally as effective as SEO, and in most cases should be used with SEO as part of your overall marketing strategy.

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